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Our team is dedicated to excellence. From our skilled team of carpenters to our talented, trusted subcontractors, you can always expect our best when working on your project. Clear and honest communication, high-quality products, and state-of-the-art construction practices are rooted in every job that we do.

Our Process

At Cooper Custom Homes we follow a step-by-step process to ensure our partnership with our clients is successful from the outset.

Complimentary Project Review
  • Whether you have plans or would like to have them created, the Cooper Custom Homes team will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals.
  • We will offer our advice and expertise on the best approach for your project.
  • We will discuss preliminary pricing, your budget, and a plan to move forward.
Project Details
  • We will assemble the necessary partners, designers, architects and consultants to bring your ideas to life.
  • If needed, we will create plans for your space and provide them to you for review and approval.
Project Costing
  • Using our extensively detailed plan from Step Two, we will cost out the project and offer options and suggestions based on your preferences.
  • Discussion on the budget, project timeline, and plan design will occur.
  • Revisions will ensue until we arrive at the final plan.
Contract and Project Commencement
  • The final details including the budget, plans, and timelines will be reviewed one last time and presented for final approval.
  • Once accepted, the construction contract will be created and signed by both parties, ensuring both sides are protected and secure in the arrangement.
  • Next, construction begins!
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At Cooper Custom Homes we strive to build exceptional, one-of-a-kind homes. Our team of dependable, innovative professionals enjoy the challenges of creating a unique space in collaboration with our clients.


When we work together you’ll experience clear and honest communication. You will get to know a team of dedicated professionals calling on years of experience to bring your project to life.


We will share our knowledge and demonstrate our commitment to cutting-edge building science and high-performance building practices. Energy efficiency, the latest building codes, and environmental factors will always be considered in the design and creation of your home.


When you’re ready to build a custom home you can be sure we will approach your project with commitment and dedication to excellence.


Building a custom home isn’t always possible. Whether your current home is in a mature area that you don’t want to leave, you’ve outgrown your space, or you want to modernize a childhood home, Cooper Custom Homes can help you stay where you want to be.


Renovating has its own set of unique challenges and a successful project requires thorough planning, problem solving, and foresight to detect potential problems before they arise. We use 3D modeling extensively, not only to help navigate these issues, but to give our clients a way to visualise what their renovated space will look like when completed.


Cooper Custom Homes offers various renovation services including:

  • Additions & Extensions
  • Whole Home Remodelling
  • Full Basement Development 
  • Architectural Redesign
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Cooper Custom Homes is dedicated to building healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient homes. Our new homes are built with the best construction practices, the highest quality materials, and always to the latest code specifications. Our passion for building science and commitment to training, allows us to offer our clients certified custom homes that can meet EnergyStar, R2000, and NetZero program requirements. As part of our commitment to performance we constantly strive to reduce construction waste and recycle as much material as possible.


Cooper Custom Homes is proud of reducing the environmental impact of home building, while providing exceptional value, greater comfort, and healthier living.


Get in touch with Cooper Custom Homes to discuss building your energy efficient, high-performance home.